Android Device Porting Walkthrough 


This talk is presented as a step by step tutorial meant for Android platform rookies, as to discover all Androidisms one has to tackle down to bring his own custom device to life. Based on a real-life Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device porting experience, the talk will cover early board bringup (from U-Boot and Fastboot to Linux kernel and drivers), AOSP device integration, Android-specific device init customization, touchscreen input layer adaptations and Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) driver interfaces development. Benjamin Zores, Alcatel-Lucent Benjamin Zores is Open Source Software and Multimedia Architect at Alcatel-Lucent, leading enterprise-grade Linux/Android multimedia IP phones embedded devices design. He's also most known as the original author of the OpenBricks embedded cross-build framework, the GeeXboX HTPC Live distro and the uShare DLNA MediaServer.

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