crossBuild ARM target binaries on ARM host

... building STM32F10x (ARM Cortex-M3) sources on WM8505 (ARM9) host.

The Debian installation on my WM8505-based tablet already includes "build-essential" package (gcc, binutils, make, etc.) but, unfortunately, no "multilib" package available yet for debian armel =( . So I have to built my own bare-metal toolchain using croostool-ng. Using this config file, I was able to built this toolchain arm-none-eabi-4.6-armv5.tar.gz (just extract this archive to install). It took almost 20 hrs to finish on WM8505 ( at 300MHz with 128MB RAM ).

Android Bluetooth Dual-Joystick Controller

Sends 5 bytes every 200ms (or every 3 sec if idle).
data format: [ STX : radiusL : angleL : radiusR : angleR ]
where: STX = 0x55
           radius = {0..10}
           angle = {0..35} (or actual/10)


will send [ 0x55 : 0x0A : 0x12 : 0x05 : 0x09 ]
(**left-joystick is pulled backward; right-joystick leaning to the left)

Spinning LEDs Display

Spinning LEDs Display using PIC16LF73 (SSOP) and 7 SMT LEDs:

Samsung Wave Android With Bada 2.0 ( Dual Boot )

Installing Android on Wave i.e dual booting Android 2.2 Froyo with bada 2.0(XPJK1,XXKK5,XXKK7)

THIS IS A NAND method (Internal memory method RISKY but easy i have already done this)

THE SD CARD Tutorial would be Given a day after this.

This method is for Samsung Wave S8500 only