OEM NOKIA Lumia Custom ROM

Using the Links and Video posted here, you can download, install and run the Nokia Care Suite software. This software allows you to download the Latest STOCK OEM ROMs directly from Nokia Servers. It also allows you to flash these ROMs to your Nokia Phones. Keep in mind, this WILL WIPE YOUR PHONE
CLEAN! So, be sure you have a backup of all your data, photos, videos, texts messages, etc... EVERYTHING

PS: Use these at Your Own Risk! I will not be held responsible if you destroy your new Lumia with these. With that said, I've flashed my own Lumia 900 8 times and my Lumia 920 3 times with no ill effects.

Blue screen error turns Different Colors

You’ll now get a bluescreen in the color you picked, in this case the red screen of death:
Seeing a bluescreen that’s not blue is disconcerting, even for me, and based on the reaction of the TechEd audiences, I bet you’ll have fun generating ones of a color you pick and showing them off to your techy friends. I first saw Dan Pearson do this in a crash dump troubleshooting talk he delivered with Dave Solomon a couple of years ago and now close my Case of the Unexplained presentations with a bluescreen of the color the audience choses (you can hear the audience’s response at the end of this recording, for example).

How to install Siri on iOS devices running iOS 6 or 5

Would you like to use Siri on your old iPod touch 4th generation or iPhone 4 running iOS 6? The first thing you need to do is jailbreak your device, and then install Cydia.