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Android Kernel Hacking

A Beginner’s Guide to Android Kernels [Tips]


Swapping out your kernel is one of the best ways to take advantage of rooting. With the right kernel, you can double your battery life or squeeze it for that extra performance. Understanding this concept is very helpful, and here’s why.

Nexus Root Toolkit

Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.0 [Updated 11/26/12]

Unlocking, rooting, relocking and unrooting simplified! (and much more!)

VERSION 1.6.0 - This program will automatically bring together all the files you need to unlock and root your device in a few clicks, or flash it back to stock and re-lock it. You can also use this program to backup/restore all your important data, flash zips, set file permissions, push and pull files, install apps, and much more! With the included file association options, you can perform tasks like flashing zips, installing apps, restoring android backup files, and flashing/booting img files with just a double click!
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The program includes a full featured interface for automating tasks in TWRP, enhanced restore features, an in-built auto-updater/notification system, ‘any build’ mode, and quick tools utilities. All the latest Android builds and Nexus devices are now officially supported, including the new Nexus 10, Nexus 4, and 3G Nexus 7 (with full 4.2.0 support).

Samsung Galaxy Hacking

Android mini2440 W35

Android on FriendlyARM Mini2440 with W35 LCD

I got mini2440 board from FriendlyARM with W35 LCD (320x240) and I want to run Android at this board. The FriendlyARM Download site provide only android for mini2440 with T35 LCD ported by shinlek. If you force to use it, the display and touchscreen will not work well because the screen become rotated 90', this is caused by the width and depth are not match. we need to adjust the kernel to make it work correctly

Embedded Linux on PC Engines

Embedded Linux on Alix3d2 board PC Engines


PC Engines ALIX3D2 Board is low cost embedded system based on i386 AMD Geode LX800.
My company purchased at the cost arround 100$, quite cheap compared to arm based embedded with the same features, also amd geode had encryption engine for networking support.

There are many precompiled linux, ready to deploy, such as voyage linux.
But for developer who needs complete source code in order to configure and add your own devices driver and application we may use buildroot, a favorite one on building debian linux for embedded system.

How to Build Linux Kernels

This is a sizeable project, so let's start with an overview of the steps:
  1. Download the kernel source.
    • Understand the kernel versioning system.
    • Verify the digital signature (proving data integrity and source identity, at least within a reasonable level of confidence).
  2. Install the kernel source in /usr/src/linux/.
  3. Configure a new kernel build.
    • Start with a useful initial kernel configuration file.
    • Go into the build configuration tool and customize your new kernel.
  4. Build that new kernel.
    • You can build it the traditional way, as a large collection of files, or you can build it as a package and plug it into your configuration management scheme.
  5. Install that new kernel.
  6. Reboot and run your new kernel!
Now that you see where we're going with this, let's get started!

How To: Install ADB and Fastboot on your Windows computer for use with your Android phone

Anyone that has ever tried to mod their Android phone has come across users telling other users to run various different ADB and/or Fastboot commands. The only problem is the average Joe has no idea what ADB and Fastboot are because, well, they aren't your run-of-the-mill applications. I was completely lost myself when I first ventured into the world of Android. While yes, developer hubs like XDA-Developers do provide instructions on how to get ADB/Fastboot installed, there are so many convoluted guides out there, it is easy to throw one's hands up in defeat. Hopefully this guide makes it simple and straightforward to get ADB and Fastboot installed on your computer.

What are ADB and Fastboot and why do I need them

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ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge, while Fastboot stands for, well, Fastboot. Without going into too many technical details (trust me you don't want technical details), let's just say they are two command-line tools used when modding/hacking Android phones.

Tablet A10 Hacking LiveSuite Tools

Hack A10 Devices

This page describe how to hack a A10 powered tablet and let a custom kernel to run on the tablet. The work was done on an Ainol Novo 7 Advanced tablet. But should be working on all A10 based tablet. Since A10 can boot from USB, never worry about bricking your device, but you may lose your data!!! Backup important data first!!!

Unbricking the device

The A10 can update the firmware from USB, so it can not be bricked. In case you bricked your devices, here is the instruction for flashing the firmware from USB. Note that this is only can be done in Windows (also through VirtualBox). You need a tool from Allwinner called LiveSuite, download livesuite.exe. It's a self extracting program, make a new folder, put it inside and open the exe. It will extract the program to the folder. You also need your firmware, which is an image file. You can download the Ainol Novo 7 Advanced stock firmware here aino_2.0.4.img. Execute LiveSuite.exe and click SelectImg button to select the aino_2.0.4.img downloaded. Connect your devices to PC with a USB cable.