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How to Make Wireless Cell phone Charger

Two sets of tank capacitors – I used four 1 uF capacitors for mine. You can use two 2 uF capacitors instead, if you want to. You NEED to make sure they’re MKP, or a better type! Polyester ones, electrolytic, anything along those lines will not work, and will overheat!
You’ll also need some wire.

Turns any normal TV with HDMI into a 3DTV

Porting Android In Nokia

Create Apps for iOS 6

iOS 6 is here. Take advantage of beautifully designed and smooth panning maps using the new vector based engine in MapKit. Provide tickets, loyalty cards, and other passes with Passbook. Integrate sharing capabilities for Facebook. Explore new camera APIs and new features for Reminders, In-App Purchase, and Game Center to create your best iOS apps yet.

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New Android Game Engine PlatForm

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