OS_Build 1.0.0
Worlds 1st Live OS For Build EVM OS for Mobile Device 

My Detication to my Parents , Friends , Relatives , to my Country (INDIA) and my Language World Classic Language Tamil (தமிழ்) 

Free GNU/Linux live CD for embedded Linux systems and Linux device drivers developers.
Though OS_Build can still be useful is several situations, we are no longer maintaining it. In our training sessions, we are using the original Ubuntu distribution instead. Here are the main reasons:
OS_Build was based on OS_Build, which was a mix of Debian unstable and testing. After a few months of use, it was getting very difficult to add new packages without making huge upgrades to the whole system, potentially breaking already installed package
Rather than giving a custom GNU/Linux distribution to our customers, we prefer to show them what packages to install in a standard distribution. That’s much closer to what happens in real life.