Allwinner a10 SD Card Debian Install Script

Please note that you should really take a complete copy of the pre-existing OS on the device because some of the files may be needed.
### V1.1 11.06.2012 HSt Fixed som option for COMPILER_VERSION and addeed some
###         logging
### V1.2 11.06.2012 HST Automated more the prosess of downloading git etc
### V1.3 11.06.2012 HST changed formating from sfdisk to fdisk
### V1.4 12.06.2012 HSt bugfixes and added possibility to just rebuild the
###         the kernel, and use a hack to have uboot work.
###         made som check to see if thing are downloaded from
###         git etc and then skip the download
### V1.5 14.06.2012 Hst Bugfixes and added a  makesdcard.conf after a
###         suggestion from someone. So with new versions of
###         script you don't need to edit since the options
###         are stored in a file makesdcard.conf in same place
###         you are running this script from.

How to Edit Android Kernels in Ubuntu

The Android kernel is derived from the Linux kernel. It relies on the core services of Linux, such as security, memory, network and process management. To make amendments to the Android core and include or unlock certain abilities, you must edit and compile your own Android kernel. The Ubuntu operating system is one of the best platforms to edit and compile Android kernels on, and it's easy to install everything you need.

Select "Accessories" from the main menu and click on "Terminal" to open the application. The Terminal is similar to the Windows Command Prompt.

Type the following in the Terminal and press "Enter" to install Java:

sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jdk

Use the password you use to log in to Ubuntu when you are asked for a password. This gives the application root privileges.

Mobile OS Security Tools

Mobile OS Security

Smartphones—phones that allow users to download and install third-party applications from the Internet—present new security and privacy risks to users and network providers. My research has investigated the limitations of current security in smartphones and how to improve the state of the art. My efforts have been directed at the Android platform, as it is representative of the functionality available in popular smartphone operating systems, and it is open source, which allows the creation of proof-of-concept prototypes for evaluation and experimentation.

Mobile Phone Image rooted tools


Smartphone applications are frequently incompletely vetted, poorly isolated, and installed by users without restraint. Smartphone research frequently needs to understand how these applications behave. ded is a project which aims at decompiling Android applications. The ded tool retargets Android applications in .dex format to traditional .class files. These .class files can then be processed by existing Java tools, including decompilers. Thus, Android applications can be analyzed using a vast range of techniques developed for traditional Java applications.
For information regarding obtaining and using ded, please visit

How to Configure, Install and Use libnefilter_queue on Linux

According to libnetfilter_queue home page, libnetfilter_queue is a userspace library that allows one to retrieve and manipulate the packets that have been queued by kernel packet filter. It is supposed to replace the old ip_queue/libipq mechanism.
0. Dependencies
libnetfilter_queue requires a kernel that includes nfnetlink_queue subsystem. If you Linux kernel is 2.6.14 or later, the subsystem is normally enabled.
You can confirm this by looking into your kernel configuration file. The configuration file is normally located at your system /boot/ directory, with the name like config-. Open the file, and look for CONFIG_NETFILTER_NETLINK_QUEUE and CONFIG_NETFILTER_ADVANCED.  Make sure the two lines are not commented out.

In General About Us 
Free Porting Solution for all Embedded Devices
Over 17 years of experience in Linux kernel driver development enables Intelligraphics to offer a comprehensive set of Android device driver, software and hardware development services. Our mobile, graphics and networking experts have recognized experience in Android, Linux and Windows mobile device driver development and now the new Android framework.

Open GTS Enterprise Setup Upgrade For Free GPS Software

Here's the link to the latest GTS Enterprise:

If you want to install Enterprise Software with Will be done , also OpenGTS Enterprise is available , please email to for Cost Quotation

Documentation for the various features can be found at the following link

This package contains the following options/features:
- Basic GTS Enterprise (including Sanav, Aspicore, support)
[see documentation at]

The initial installation of the GTS Enterprise is essentially the same as
for the OpenGTS.

Teltonika Device GPS Software Driver for OpenGTS

OpentGTS Enterprise Edition from geotelematic Solution , which has lot more options but i was not clear about using all those options,i cant get geocode address in Map, even though i set GoogleMap as reverse geocode server    ------------> Driver Files Downloads   ---------> Device Manual.