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Aug 15, 2012 By Amit Saha  inandroidHOW-TOsMobile Drag and drop your way to Android programming.

MIT App Inventor, re-released as a beta service (as of March 5,2012) by the MIT Center for Mobile Learning after taking over the project from Google,is a visual programming language for developing applications forthe Android mobile computing platform. It is based on the concept ofblocks, and applications are designed by fitting together blocks of codesnippets. This may sound like a very childish way of programming, especially forseasoned readers of Linux Journal. But then again,App Inventor will tickle the child programmer in you and make you chuckleat the ease with which you can develop applications for your Androiddevice. In this article, I describe how to use the camera on the Androiddevice, develop e-mailand text-messaging-based applications and also show how to use locationsensors to retrieve your current geographical location. Let's get started.

Getting Started

App Inventor has minimum setup requirements and is completelybrowser-based. You need a working Java installation on your system,as it uses Java Web Start for its functioning. Point your browserto, and once you sign in with your Googleaccount, you should see a screen as shown in Figure 1. This is calledthe Projects Page where you can see your existing projects and createnew ones.

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