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Sep 10, 2012 By Bruce Byfield  inHOW-TOsScribusScribus software

You might as well know from the start: Making bulleted or numbered lists in Scribus isn't as easy as in the average word processor. In fact, compared to LibreOffice, Scribus as installed is downright primitive in the way it handles lists. You can pull a script off the Internet to automate to an extent, but chances are you'll have to tweak it before it does exactly what you want.

Creating a list manually is straightforward, but tedious. You want numbers? Insert them one at a time, and repeat whenever you need to renumber. You want bullet points? Go to Insert -> Character -> Bullet, or, if you want a character other than a plain bullet, to Insert -> Glyph -> Hide/Show Enhanced Palette, and copy and paste as necessary. Then, in both cases press Tab and start typing.

In both cases, you should create a list paragraph style to control the indentations in the list. Go to Edit -> Styles -> New -> Paragraph Style -> Tabulators and Indentation, and adjust the First Line Indent and Left Indent fields, using both positive and negative numbers, until you have the spacing you want. Usually, you want a negative indent for the first line, so that the number or bullet is indented from the margin, and a positive number for the left indent. The trickiest part is adjusting the left indent so that the subsequent lines align with the first -- a matter of trial and error that varies with the font.

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