TI81xx PSP Porting Guide
Follow the Link : http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/TI81xx_PSP_Porting_Guide


  1. This document interchangeably uses DM816x and AM389x. TI816x refers to DM816x/AM389x devices unless specified otherwise.
  2. This document interchangeably uses DM814x and AM387x. TI814x refers to DM814x/AM387x devices unless specified otherwise.
  3. TI81xx refers to both DM816x and DM814x.

ReadMe First

The purpose of this document is to describe how to port the PSP releases for custom hardware where minimal changes are required in the kernel. This document DOES NOT describe how to add features to the drivers shipped in the PSP releases. Feature additions in the driver is outside the scope of this document. Driver features are typically listed in the PSP Data-Sheet (Performance Guide) or the respective Driver User Guides.


TI816x/TI814x Technical Reference Manual - Available on the TI website or with the local FAE.
TI816x/TI814x EVM schematics - Available on the board vendor's website or with the local FAE.
PSP release to be used as baseline for porting the drivers - Available on the software download page of the TI website or with the local FAE.

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