Android BSP Device Driver Kernel

Android Services for Handhelds and Industrial Applications
Android is an open-source software framework that includes an operating system, middleware and applications.Given the success of Android, e-con Systems strongly believes that Android would spread its wings out of consumer devices to Industrial Handhelds, Industrial Automation, etc. The entry of Android into the Car Infotainment Market further substantiates this thought process.

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Android has addressed some of the principle challenges with the open source software but still maintained the open source advantage, thereby providing a win-win combination.

e-con Offerings

Having a dedicated Android team working on the Android for Industrial Handhelds and Devices, e-con Systems Offers the following,

The Android framework provides the scope to customize it for any product/platform. However this involves work to be done at the various levels of the Android Architecture. e-con Systems with its expertise in Linux and Industrial Handhelds have experimented with Android for Handhelds and Industrial Devices.

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Demo: Android Development platform

Alioth - e-con's Android Reference Design

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For Industry Handhelds and Devices,
Android BSP PortingAndroid Device Driver Development
Android Reference designAndroid Application Development
Android Based complete product Development
Android BSP Porting

e-con Systems offers Android BSP porting services for customized ARM target boards. Porting the base Linux kernel required for Android and the complete Android stack for the target boards is done by e-con Systems. e-con Systems’ Android BSP team has experience with Android on development platforms based on the Marvell XScale, TI OMAP/Sitara processor.

The Android architecture contains various layers on top of a slightly customized Linux Kernel.

When this Android is used for Industry handhelds, the following challenges crop up.

1 There may be a need for standard interface or API in Android for a particular peripheral such as in industrial handheld
there is an ADC. Android SDK does not have a standard ADC API, nor a ADC support built-in.

2 An Industrial Handheld may not need a phone application or address book and definitely not the same desktop

appearance, locking, etc. How to remove this?
e-con addresses these concerns for customers who want to port Android onto Industrial Handheld and devices. e-con has developed the lower level drivers and Android middleware for various peripherals like ADC, CAN, GPIO Controls, RS485, etc.

Android Device Driver Development

e-con Systems is an expert in Linux Driver Development and has proven track record for the past 7 years. e-con Systems has extended its Driver expertise to Android platforms as well.

Android driver development involves developing/porting drivers for customer chosen peripherals that are already supported by the Android Stack. Some of these devices are

1 GSM/GPRS Module


3 Camera

4 USB Devices

5 SD Memory Card

6 Bluetooth

7 WiFi

8 Audio

9 LCD & Touch Screen

e-con can port or develop drivers for Android that work in cohesion with the Android Middleware and Applications seamlessly.
The driver development for Android, especially for Industrial Handhelds and devices may involve developing complete drivers and Android HAL, Libraries and Applications for some peripherals. These peripherals are not inherently supported by Android. Some of these peripherals include

1 CAN Controller


3 GPIO lines

4 RS485

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