Design Compiler In C

The enclosed disks contain all of the source code from Compiler Design in C and executable
versions of the tools (LeX, LLama, and occs). There is also an executable visibleparser
version of the compiler in Chapter 6. All this material has been compressed in
order to save disks when shipping. The unpacking process creates many files and several
subdirectories (which can be rooted anywhere in your file system). The software is
shipped on either two 360K 51⁄

4" disks or one 720K 3 ⁄ 1
2" disk. Installation is performed
automatically using the following procedure:
(1) Put the installation disk into a floppy drive, the A: drive is the default one, but
another can be used.
(2) Create the directory in which you want to install the Compiler-Design file system
and go there. If, for example, you want to put everything in and under
’c:/compiler’, issue the following commands to DOS:
mkdir \compiler
cd \compiler
(3) Copy the file install.bat from the distribution disk to the target directory:
copy a:install.bat
(4) Execute the installation batch file. If the distribution disk is in the A: drive, just

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