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I'm building a small replica of Bruce DePalma's N-Machine generator. DePalma & others claimed to be able to generate overunity power with this machine - in other words they said the machine could output more electric power than the mechanical drive power being put into it. We shall see.

From reading DePalma's papers & watching the 18 "DePalma N-Machine" videos I gather that the "magic" is in the rotation. Basically he says that when an object is rotating, normal physics don't apply, and therefore the device can violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics & can generate power at overunity efficiency.

The basis of DePalma's N-Machine is the homopolar generator. The way he configures his homopolar generator is with the magnets & the copper disc rotating together as one unit. When you draw current from this configuration, the back EMF is contained between the disc and the magnets which are glued together & doesn't act on the rotor. In other words, the act of drawing current from this generator doesn't slow it down. This is different from the commonplace induction generators we all know that bog down when you attach a load.

There are two things about the N-machine that I find very interesting. One is that while there are plenty of folks on YouTube replicating all sorts of magnet motors & whatnot trying to achieve overunity, I wasn't able to find a single video where someone replicated a N-machine. Perhaps that means I'm wasting my time. Or perhaps it's a sign of suppression of this technology by the energy industry.

The other interesting thing is shown in my video. When I spun it clockwise it generated a DC voltage with positive polarity at the perimeter of the disc. Then when I APPLIED a DC voltage with positive polarity at the perimeter of the disc, it spun clockwise. So does that mean when you're running it as a generator & drawing current off it, the resulting voltage actually has a motor effect that drives the disc in the same direction? In other words, is the generator actually helping itself spin? If so, that would explain the overunity efficiency. DePalma would say, I think, that the "extra" energy is coming from the space around the disc. I don't know for sure, but still I found it interesting that the generator & motor polarity matched.

Please feel free to comment below. I want to hear what people think!

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