hacked – how to get Android repo?

As you may already know, site which hosts the Android git repository has been hacked. Because of this we can’t obtain the Android source code from its servers. All attempts to do so ultimately fail with the similar response:
[root@localhost WORKING_DIRECTORY]# repo sync[0:]: errno=Connection refused[0:]: errno=Connection refused[0: 2001:6b0:e:4017:1972:112:1:0]: errno=Network is unreachable[0: 2001:500:60:10:1972:112:1:0]: errno=Network is unreachable
fatal: unable to connect a socket (Network is unreachable)
error: Cannot fetch platform/bionic
I will describe another way to get the Android source codes if you hadn’t already cloned it’s repo before servers went down.

Prepare the environment

First, you need to download “repo” script from my blog (please, use double quotes around the URL address):
curl "" > ~/bin/repo
chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

Download the Android repository

Now, you can safely download the repository, like so:
repo init -u git:// -b gingerbread
repo sync
and start the development

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