OEM NOKIA Lumia Custom ROM

Using the Links and Video posted here, you can download, install and run the Nokia Care Suite software. This software allows you to download the Latest STOCK OEM ROMs directly from Nokia Servers. It also allows you to flash these ROMs to your Nokia Phones. Keep in mind, this WILL WIPE YOUR PHONE
CLEAN! So, be sure you have a backup of all your data, photos, videos, texts messages, etc... EVERYTHING

PS: Use these at Your Own Risk! I will not be held responsible if you destroy your new Lumia with these. With that said, I've flashed my own Lumia 900 8 times and my Lumia 920 3 times with no ill effects.
Running Windows 8?
You must edit the Registry to Enable installing MSI Files as Administrator, then you need to right click on the installer file and select Run as Administrator. You can use the manual method to install the Registry edit, or you can download and run the file to install it.

Manually Add this Registry Edit to enable installing MSI Files as Administrator:

OR, Download This Registry Edit File and double click it to install the Registry Edit.
Install Registry Edit Use this to install

Remove Registry Edit Use this to remove

Update: Now, MORE products supported. There are now 93 supported phones!!!

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