Android Head Unit - Root Device / Model : evb3561sv_w_65_m0

Android Head Unit (evb3561sv_w_65_m0(full_evb3561sv_w_65_m0) or evb3561sv_w_65_m0 or TS356XKUDO

Build ID: MRA58K

CPU Info or SOC: Cortex ARM Cortex A-53 1.25 GHz ( 4 CPU or 4 Core)
Model : evb3561sv_w_65_m0(full_evb3561sv_w_65_m0)
Manufacturer : alps
Hardware : mt3561
Build ID : YT3518C_00008_V008
Android Version : 6.0
API Level : 23
Kernel Arch : aarch64
Source – Android APP CPU-Z (Google Play Store)
Cabling ( Turn On Unit without Car or Open Setup)

Inside Unit:

Panel Back Side

Top View

Rear view with USB ADB Port

Power Up Board (Cabling )

  1. Yellow ( Battery +12 V)
  2. Black ( Battery -12 V)
  3. Red (Next to Yellow – ACC [Sort red and yellow , ignition key ON])

Try without open Board Setup , connect to any USB Port and Change USB Configuration to Audio Source.
  1. Open ADB Tools And Location in CMD (Command Prompt – Admin Rights )  
  2. Check any of the Android Device (Android Phone ) connect to PC.
  3. Type Adb Devices 
  4. You can find root Shell in above image (command Adb Shell)    
  5. Download important tools to install SU (Super User) , because SU not  available in device.                                                                Install Terminal Emulator from Play Store.
Download and extract files to /sdcard/

Type Following Commands After Connecting to ADB Shell
1.        mount -o remount,rw /system
2.        cp /sdcard/arm64/su /system/bin/su
3.        chmod 0755 /system/bin/su
4.        cp /sdcard/arm64/su /system/xbin/su
5.        chmod 0755 /system/xbin/su
6.        su --install
7.        su --daemon&
8.        setenforce 0
9.        mount -o remount,ro /system

Note :
1.        Chose this option after enabling Developer option in device
2.        Select USB Configuration
3.        Select Audio Source
4.        Then Check in Command Prompt (type `adb device`) 

Device Cable Specification 


FAQ: Tools Tips
  1. ü  The password for the hardware settings menu is 8888 (Car Setting> Factory Setting.
  2. ü  Screen calibration: Press with five fingers, then follow the signs, the next step is to configure the touch buttons.
  3. ü  Engineering menu on the phone * # * # 3646633 # * # *
  4. ü  Switch the GU to ADB mode, dial * # * # 5678 # on the phone and select the device type device

Important Links for reference:

Wires : universal iso connector
Car Stereo Wiring Harness

(Update Android head unit with three reset)


  1. Hi friend, I have the same model, but I can't connect to pc. I changed to audio source. What firmware you have? Thanks.

    1. Switch the GU to ADB mode, dial * # * # 5678 # on the phone and select the device type device

    2. I switched to device mode but the PC doesn't recognize it. I installed mtk drivers.
      I got access root connecting by adb wireless, but is temporary. When rebooting root doesn't work.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I got permanent root access by connecting over Wi-Fi and once inside the shell, I followed the steps in the blog.
    # Open shell in Android stereo car and execute:
    setprop persist.adb.tcp.port 5555
    setprop sys.rkadb.root 1

    # Open console how admin in a PC (I used Windows)
    adb connect “device_ip” (type ifconfig in device to know)
    adb devices (if show offline, in developers option "Revoke Usb Authorization" and disable / enable "USB Debugging"
    adb shell (connect to device)
    whoami (root?)
    mount -o remount, rw / system
    cp / sdcard / arm64 / su / system / bin / su
    chmod 0755 / system / bin / su
    cp / sdcard / arm64 / su / system / xbin / su
    chmod 0755 / system / xbin / su
    your --install
    his --daemon &
    setenforce 0
    mount -o remount, ro / system

  4. Where did you bought this from sir?


  6. I touch with five fingers and then comes 4 dots and return but nothing happens even if i try to touch them...

  7. Had to do hard reset via ADB and that fixed all the problems 👌🏻

  8. Can anyone send me a link to the stock FM radio app please?

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